Terms and Conditions

for using the Quickpark Prepaid Parking Card.

Use of this Prepaid Parking Card is subject to the following terms and conditions which are important and should be read carefully. Each time you use your card, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions:

  1. Your new Prepaid Parking Card must be activated before it can be used. This should be done on the Quickpark terminal by the Parking Marshal from whom you obtained the card.
  2. If this card is lost or stolen, all Prepaid Parking Credit stored on this card will be lost. It is not refundable or transferable.
  3. The Parking Credit on your Prepaid Parking Card is not protected by a PIN and must be treated as cash. Anyone who is in possession of your Prepaid Parking Card can use the Parking Credit that is stored on it to pay for their parking. No refunds can be given for Parking Credit used by any unauthorised user.
  4. Parking Credit loaded onto your Prepaid Parking Card is only valid for 36 months from the date it is loaded onto your card.
  5. Parking Credit loaded onto your Prepaid Parking Card is not refundable.
  6. A Prepaid Parking Card can only be used in a participating site. [ A list of participating sites is available here ]
  7. Any Prepaid Parking Card which is damaged or faulty will be replaced free of charge when you return it to a Parking Marshal in a participating site, subject to the Parking Marshal having card stock available.
  8. Should the Parking Marshal not have stock, the Prepaid Parking Card can be returned to any other Parking Marshal who does have available stock. If there are any problems with this return, please email us at: [ info@quickpark.co.za ]
  9. Within 30 working days of a faulty Prepaid Parking Card being returned, the Parking Credit stored on the faulty Prepaid Parking Card will be transferred automatically to the new replacement Prepaid Parking Card when it is presented to a Quickpark terminal in a participating site.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Prepaid Parking Card has to have been presented to a Quickpark terminal for this transfer to occur.
  10. Your Prepaid Parking Card should only be used in the manner and for the purpose for which it has been designed. We may be obliged to report any unlawful use of the Prepaid Parking Card to the relevant authorities.
  11. Our records and the records stored on the chip of the Prepaid Parking Card are sufficient proof of the Parking Credit balance or the card transactions made using the card.
  12. If we do not immediately and in every instance insist or act on our rights under these terms and conditions, we do not lose any of our rights and you may not raise it as a defence that we did not enforce these rights at the relevant time.
  13. Whenever you use your Prepaid Parking Card with a Parking Marshal, always ensure that you receive a paper receipt from the Parking Marshal at the end of every transaction as proof of that transaction. It is your responsibility to ensure the details on the receipt given to you by the Parking Marshal, are correct. Mistakes cannot be rectified later.